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About Us

With an Economics Degree from Indiana University, and having owned several successful businesses prior, in 1968 John Kirby III built, owned, and managed his first commercial office complex in Indianapolis, IN. Over the next 20 years he sold his commercial properties in Indianapolis and bought 10 commercial buildings expanding into the north suburb of Carmel.

Today, John Kirby IV runs Kirby Realty Group which now owns 12 commercial buildings in Carmel.  With approximately 175 tenants and still growing, Kirby Realty Group keeps the family oriented, personal approach. 

Our tenants appreciate that we are just a phone call away and they can walk in our office at any time with any suggestions they may have. Kirby Realty Group has grown in experience and knowledge in all aspects of the industry. This experience is why Kirby Realty Group continues to expand successfully in the city of Carmel and the surrounding areas.  While having modern and user friendly technologies for our tenants, Kirby Realty Group still upholds the personal attributes as it did in 1968.

Featured Listing

  • Suite 239 - 160 W. Carmel Drive

    Suite 239 - 160 W. Carmel Drive

    Medium size Executive Office with windows

    Kirby Park East Office Suites



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